Jot! Whiteboard becomes Jot! Blackboard with Jot! 2.8

Jot! 2.8 is now live! You’ll notice an additional option on the background menu:


That’s right, black backgrounds. This is the most significant change to the look and feel of the Jot! experience ever. Compare black versus white:


It’s literally night and day.

This may seem like a small change, but it did take some careful considerations to get it right. The black and dark green colors on the default color palette will not show well on a black background.


Therefore, if you are using the default colors and select the black background, the palette swaps out the black and green colors with white and neon green, respectively:


Of course, you can still tap and hold or double-tap on any color to choose from the full palette of colors. Note that if you have selected custom colors, the toolbar palette won’t change if you switch between white and black backgrounds.

Jot! 2.8 also supports iOS 7 to include the latest look and feel while still supporting all previous iOS versions: iPad 1 owners can still get this latest version.

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