Jot! Live Sharing in the Classroom

We’ve been hearing from ever-increasing numbers of teachers and educators using Jot! in the classroom or as a lecture tool. We’re not teachers or involved in the education industry so this was definitely an unintended use case, but we’ve been very happy to discover that this aligns nicely with the core vision of Jot!.

As more and more schools are starting to experiment with iPads in the classroom, I really believe iPads are a perfect tool for education. After talking with some teachers who have written in to us, I’ve become very interested in iPads in education and specifically I’m looking at how Jot! can be used as a teaching instrument.

Our Live Sharing feature already allows you to share a whiteboard across the internet and we’ve heard from many people using Jot! as a teaching tool when communicating virtually with students. Most of the people using this are sharing one-to-one or with maybe at most a few people.

Selective Live Sharing

I recently talked with a teacher who had the idea of using Live Sharing in a classroom where every student has an iPad. His idea is to do a Live Sharing session with the entire class, but instead of a single whiteboard with a classroom of students all interacting together, the students could join and view just the teacher’s whiteboard. Then each student could interact with the teacher’s shared whiteboard without seeing the interaction of the other students. The teacher could then select one or more students to share their work back with the teacher’s session for the other students to see.


This idea got me really excited and we’re currently exploring ways to make this a reality. Because Live Sharing works over the internet, this could apply in a physical classroom as well as a virtual classroom with physically distributed students. We are currently working on building out a test version of what we’re calling “Selective Live Sharing” to allow a one-to-many version of live sharing to support this kind of interaction with one instructor and many students.

I’d really like to hear from you if you’re an educator who may be interested in this feature. Have you used Jot? Have you tried it in the classroom and/or with Live Sharing?

Are you interested in Jot! Selective Live Sharing?

If you’re interested in talking by phone, I’d also love to chat in person so please email me at and let me know you’d like to talk directly.

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