Jot! iPad Live Sharing coming soon: beta testers needed

Have you ever been on the phone and wanted to sketch out an idea on a napkin or whiteboard, but the caller on the other end is unable to see what you’re drawing?

Introducing Live Sharing

Live Sharing is our upcoming service that will allow you to jot on your iPad and share your whiteboard with another Jot! user over the internet, wherever they are physically located. It’s the virtual shared whiteboard that we envisioned when we first set out to build Jot!

We spent most of our time in 2010 building out the core drawing features of Jot!, which we think offers the best whiteboarding experience on the iPad. We still have more drawing features that we plan to add soon, but we wanted to launch Live Sharing first. Apple just announced subscription in-app purchases and we’ll use those to allow customers to sign up for the Live Sharing service.

We need your help to check out this service before we make it live. We’re looking for up to 30 people to try out our new service.

If you’re interested, please email us at Because this is a service that requires at least 2 to tango, we would prefer pairs (or better yet, groups) of iPad Jot! users. For your help, we’ll provide you and your friends with a free 1-year subscription to Live Sharing.

Thanks for your support as we continue on our quest to change how we record and share our visions.

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