Ever wonder how much that meeting is costing you?

I certainly have. There are lots of reasons for bad meetings. I think some people think their job is to attend meetings so they schedule them just to justify their value or feel like they’re doing something productive. The worst kind of meeting in my opinion is a status meeting. You know, where 30 people sit around being bored for 58 minutes while the other 29 people go through their status. Then you spend 2 minutes talking about what you’re working on (or could have been working on for 58 more minutes if you weren’t sitting in this status meeting) to 1 manager who is noting it all down. Ugh, those are the worst (except don’t tell the manager that).

Status meetings usually mean time for me to jot doodles. This got me wondering how much money was being spent on salaries for everyone to sit around doing nothing.

(one of my Jot! doodles of Batman)

As a fun little experiment I decided to build an app for that. It’s called Simple Meeting Cost and it’s available in the app store (for Free!). Just configure your employee types and salaries, tally them up and start the meeting.

Whether this number is truly significant or not probably depends on your company and your employees’ salaries. One thing I found is that if you have too few people or too low of salaries, the clock ticks depressingly slowly.

So, give it a try, have fun with it, and please let me know what you think. Maybe it will give you a good excuse to get out of some bad meetings and do something productive instead.

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