Sketch on your iPad

Using your iPad for sketching should be intuitive. Rather than focus on a ton of sketching options or 400 colors, Jot helps you capture and share your sketches by getting you to sketch more and tap less.

Take notes on your iPad

Taking notes on an iPad should be something you can do quickly and easily. Jot can act as a simple notes iPad app to let you easily combine text and drawings in your notes and then modify them later.

Wireframe on your iPad

We use our iPads to wireframe ideas to reach a quick design consensus with our co-workers. Jot makes for a great ipad wireframe app because you can focus on the core design elements without spending too much time on the details.

Mindmap on your iPad

Mindmap your ideas on your iPad naturally. We think a mindmap can be more than just linked textboxes. We think mindmaps that you touch, connections that you draw, can unlock connections faster than an automated flowchart.